Content writing and copywriting

Innumerable topics, continuous reading and creative vocabulary are often known to be the ingredients of fertile content. But is that all that fabricates content writing? There is a difference between creative writing that educates customers and Copywriting that persuades customers to take actions. This blog aims to clarify the common conceptions regarding the same!

  • People generally label content writers, copywriters and content planners as ‘writers’ at the end. But each category has its skillset and different challenges that go with them.
  • Content Writer: Educating the customers by entertaining and engaging content with the appropriate knowledge of online marketing tactics is what a content writer does.
  • Copywriter: A Copywriter writes content in a way that persuades and convinces the readers to take actions preferred by the company, which is the core skill of a copywriter.
  • Content Strategist: A Content strategist knows all the ins and outs of where and when the content can be published. He has an accurate vision of how favourable the content should be for the company.

Detailed Disparateness Explained! 

A Content writer educates while a copywriter sells.

Content writing generally is the process of educating and informing the customers directly or indirectly about what a company and their products can do. Copywriting in essence is the process of written sales.

How do you do verbal sales? By picking on the pain-points of consumers and giving them solutions that compel them to buy the product. A Copywriter strategically understands consumer psychology and writes in a way that the customer decides to buy the product.

Copywriting does not only mean good writing about the product; it means interacting with the consumer emotions in several ways to get the actions of our preference.

How can you do that?

Write something that makes the readers feel obligated to reciprocate.

Take small commitments from your readers to make them remain consistent.

Use social proof by showcasing how many people like your brand or your products.

Find something that people generally ‘like’ about your product or service and thus, increase your brand likability.

Use the ‘scarcity’ mentality in your copy, and showcase a feeling of scarcity!

People generally tend to believe in someone who holds paramount authority over their field. Thus, it is necessary to show your knowledge and expertise if you are writing that content.

Content writers engage the audience while copywriters build an aura of urgency.

Content writers go through the extensive processes of building a storyline, building a concept and giving examples to make you understand the depth of their product or service.

A Copywriter instead writes with calculated emotions and expresses an urgency in their content, which makes the reader ‘realise’ their loss if they do not buy the product/service. In short, their content will always demand fast actions to draw out quick conversions.

Content builds the ground needed for sales, while copywriters are the ones batting on the playground.

Content Writers, even though draft content to educate and inform, their end goal is to get the maximum conversions. How?

Content writers are the ones that build the position of trust and loyalty around the brand, portraying it as a legacy. Trust is a cardinal element needed for lead conversion, which a content writer can thoroughly build with their expertise.

Blogging and articles are a general way of creating a ‘groove’ that allows the copywriters to write direct and effectual content as once the ‘backend’ is coherent everyone will always believe the front end!

Content Writers are more inclined towards SEO based efforts.

Content writers generally base their writing on elevating the business aura in front of the readers. They are mainly basing their content on increasing the SEO performance and have a conversational style of SEO friendly content that makes you understand what they intend to say with precision.

The Length and depth of contents  

 Content writers are people who generally write long copies of contents which include:

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Newspaper items
  • Magazine Content
  • Press Release
  • White Papers
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • E-Books
  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Television series and items
  • Film Storylines

Copywriters are people who write content in different formats for direct selling. They are substantially short term contents.

  • Advertisements (Online / Offline)
  • Slogans and Taglines
  • Web Pages content in website development
  • Email Content
  • Commercial Contents
  • Video Scripts
  • Catalogue Content
  • Sales letters
  • Direct Mails
  • Social media contents

Content writers take time and submit to long term relationships with the content.

Content Writers write content that contributes to long term intentions. They focus on SEO based content that adheres to long term content strategies that pay off in the long term.

Content writers are the means of organic traffic, and copy-writers convert that traffic to potential leads.

Content writers explain what a product is about, its authenticity and its importance through working. Copywriters exhibit the unique selling points of the product or services with creative writing. They do it with realistic viewpoints to elicit quick lead conversion processes.

Job Descriptions

A Copywriter is a professional in propping the words for marketing purpose, while a content writer can be anyone. A Person who can express their thoughts effortlessly and put their opinions forward well is a content writer. Thus, there is a question of professionalism in both of these job descriptions.

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The Importance of the Difference between Copywriters and Content Writers

It is often believed, that if you cannot catch the ‘vein’ of writing, your content or copywriting goes in absolute vain. Every business or expertise has different requirements and it is crucial to identify them. If you try to fit copywriting anywhere solely to gain leads, it will do nothing but show the ‘crap’ side of your product or services.

Both Content writing and copywriting are different and necessary in their way, but it is thoroughly mandatory to know how to use them and in the appropriate location.

Concluding the Differences here,

There are plenty of writers that own expertise in one of them but try to be a well-known expert in both of them. After all, Effective conversion can be done with a constructive blend of content and copywriting and when you have a knack for using them at the right place, you can rest assured with great results!


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